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Ms. CHRENG Chetra

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Ms. Chetra, who will graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree of Finance and Banking, has been working at VisionFund for 3 years and 7 months.

After finishing high school, she worked as a teacher of English at KYDP in 2002. It was her first step of starting up her career. Because of this experience, she could improve her capability very fast, especially language skill. Moreover, this career has taught her to be more patient and struggling in life. In 2006, she decided to apply for a job at VisionFund and at the same time she continued her Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Finance and Banking at Management Institute of Cambodia. Because of her good experience, she was moved to work at VisionFund at Service Post Bati (Bati district) as a Service Post Cashier. Then, she was promoted to work as a Finance and Admin Clerk, and later became a Branch Cashier, at Takeo branch office. Fortunately, based on her quick improvement and good performance, she has been promoted to work at the Head office as a Teller Supervisor.

The reasons that she decided to change the job from education sector to banking sector are to continue her study, to be more challenging and to get a better salary rate. Her old Director, her role model, has started his career from low level to the high level. She supports her study by herself. Sometimes, she faces many challenges like having not enough time to read the books and to conduct the research.

Do you think women and men have the same opportunities at work?

In this organization, women have the same opportunities as man. It depends on the capacity and self confidence. Cambodian society also gives value to women.

What are the challenges in managing personal and professional life?

Women usually encounter some problems and difficulties in balancing personal life and professional life after marriage. They may not have enough time to look after their family and children.

Personally, if I get married, I will need special support from my husband and family (parents and parents in law) both physically and mentally support. We should be able to help each other and to understand each other.

How can women be stimulated to become more successful in a career?

To become more successful in a career, women should be more confident and believe in their capacity. We should be patient, struggling, brave and hard working. Now, the society gives the opportunity and value to women to do the work as men.

Do you think men and women are saving for the same purpose?

I have observed that men generally save for their personal expenses while women save for business and family expenses. I have also saved some money for my parents, my study and reservation for any urgent case. I save both in the bank and with my parents.

“To become more successful in a career, women should be more confident and believe in their capacity. We should be patient, struggling, brave and hard working.”

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