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Sla Botique Hostel

"Sla" is the Khmer word for the "areca catechu" or "areca betal palm." In Cambodia, sla flowers are often used in wedding ceremonies to signify the bond between husband and wife. When wedding guests throw the flowers on the bride and groom, they are wishing the newlyweds longevity and happiness in matrimony. Here at SLA, we take that tradition a step further and wish to bestow happiness in your travels!

Job details

Job title: Bartender
Job code:
Salary Type: Negotiable
Industry: Restaurant / Food Services
Minimum salary: 150
Maximum salary: 200
Job Level: Entry Level (0 – 3 years’ experience)
Job type:
Country: Cambodia
Location: Phnom Penh
Job Category/ Job Function: Hotel / Restaurant
Bartending: Prepare alcohol or non-alcohol beverages. Must follow sanitary rule (clean always). Interact with customers, take orders and serve snacks and drinks, can accept drinks from customers but cannot be drunk and performs their task 100%. Assess customers’ drink needs and alcohol preferences and make recommendations. Mix ingredients to prepare cocktails / Plan and present bar menu. Restock and replenish bar inventory and supplies. Stay guest focused and nurture an excellent guest experience. Guest Management: Has the right to refuse customer orders if he or she suspects that the guests are drunk or sick or causing trouble. No outside foods or alcohols are allowed at the bar. Guests are allowed to bring the food and drinks from the bar to the dining and patio area, but are not permitted in other areas such as reception, bathroom, staircase, or bedroom. Guests are not permitted to enter behind the bar counter at all time. Guests are not permitted to serve or make their own drinks. Guests are not permitted to play with the music player. Booking & Inventory: Must file bookkeeping (transaction, invoice, money) Check Beginning Balance. Ask receptionist or accountant to help exchange money. Take payment every order at the beginning (CASH ONLY) Keep log of mistakes (orders) on every shift Prepare daily report in Book for inventories, sales/cash earned, and mistakes/errors. Other Roles: Turn on light in the Patio and Bar when it is dusk (dark outside). Prior to bar opens (12pm), the guests can still order only canned/bottled drinks, which receptionist can serve. Bartender controls the music selection and volume. Bartender switches the Opening/Closing sign. Cleaning: Bartender will clean shelves, mirror, glasses, counter, the appliances, computer/electronic equipments, utensils, the sink, the garbage, the floor, the wall, the ceiling, the light, the decoration items (frame, photo), the furniture, the table, chair in the bar area. Other Knowledges: Comply with all food and beverage regulations Know all Emergency Situation procedures. Enforce Disturbance/Violence policy. Guest Engagement: engaging the guests = speaking w/ guests ask guests about their travel, about their future plan, about their stay at Sla, about Cambodia….etc game = encourage guests to play games or join a game with the guests identify traditional Khmer game to be introduced to future guests music = invite guests to play music instrument or join them identify artists and performers (students or professional) who would like to perform at Sla in exchange for food or drink movie = setup movie per schedule prepare popcorn, drink per guest request read guide books, learn more about Cambodia tourism understand map of Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, and other provinces prepare destination point-of-interests and share with others identify new ways to make tuk tuk service more professional --- don’t rely so much on tuk tuk driver. play movie or film related to Cambodia tourism (find a way to inform the guest) share culture and art and dance play movie or film related to Khmer culture and performance or art or dance (find a way to inform the guest) suggest to see culture performance like Plae Phkar identify artists and performers (student or professional) who would like to perform at Sla in exchange for food or drink. identify traditional Khmer dance (find a way to introduce to guest, find a way to inform the guest) Contact: 096 2222 379 Email:
Status: Approved
Deadline: 2017-04-20 09:52:59
Premium job: No
Employer: Sla Botique Hostel
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