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Close protection officers (CPOs), or bodyguards

Company profile


Clement Shield

Clement Shield (CS) is an international leading security consultant and event organiser with its headquarters in Hong Kong, providing a comprehensive suite of innovative and high standard professional services ranging from security consultancy, specialised training programmes, risk analysis, investigations and provision of close protection operatives.


The company was first formed in 2015 by CEO and Founder Mr. Clement Lai, who served for over 20 years in the Hong Kong Police. During this time, he was the Commander of various specialist and elite units, including the VIP Protection Unit (VIPPU), the Airport Security Unit (ASU) as well as the Counter-Terrorism Response Unit (CTRU), which he also founded in light of the prevailing terrorism threat.


The key personnel of the Company are also all former police officers from various elite units within the Hong Kong Police Force, including the  VIPPU, ASU, CTRU, Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB), Commercial Crime Bureau (CCB), the Hostage Negotiation Unit (HNU), the Counter-Terrorism Task Force as well as INTERPOL, and bring a wealth of extensive law enforcement and specialist unit experience to their assignments.

Job details

Job title: Close protection officers (CPOs), or bodyguards
Job code: CS-2018-001
Salary Type: Specified
Sector: Private Sector
Industry: Security and Surveillance
Minimum salary: 0
Maximum salary: 0
Job Level: Experienced Professional (3 – 5 years’ experience)
Job type: Part-Time
Country: Cambodia
Location: Phnom Penh
Job Category/ Job Function: Security and Protective services

keep clients safe from unwanted attention or physical harm. They are responsible for assessing security measures and providing discreet surveillance. Their work includes:

  • Protecting their clients from threats of physical violence.
  • Checking out premises, such as hotels, restaurants and theatres, before the client arrives.
  • Installing surveillance equipment.
  • Surveying the layout of venues, noting potential hazards and exposure to risks.
  • Accompanying the client on business and social trips.
  • Driving the client to and from venues.

Threats to clients could come from a range of sources including terrorist organisations, political opponents, stalkers or over-enthusiastic fans. Their clients may also face acute dangers, such as kidnapping attempts. CPOs are often contracted to work for people in the public eye, including:

  • High-profile business people operating in potentially hostile places.
  • Legal professionals, such as barristers.
  • Sports, music, film and TV celebrities, and their families.

Specialist duties may include residential security, making sure the client's premises are secure.

Some CPOs may train to be chauffeurs, specialising in defensive and evasive driving.

Although much of a CPO's time can involve periods of inactivity, they must be constantly alert and ready to respond to a threatening situation. To achieve this, they liaise constantly with other security professionals. They may work in teams, using specialist communication equipment to maintain contact.

Close protection officers work around their clients' schedule, which will vary depending on the length of contract and their clients' work and leisure activities. Offering 24-hour protection means that this is rarely a weekday nine-to-five job. It can involve early starts, potentially travelling, and late nights accompanying clients to functions.

CPOs work both indoors and at outdoor venues, such as rallies, political meetings, conferences and premieres. Public outings, such as shopping trips, can be arranged at short notice.

When on duty they spend long periods standing in a fixed security position, sometimes seated overnight outside a hotel room.

Many CPOs are self-employed and are recruited for short to long-term contracts by agencies. Most are paid an agreed daily rate.



Clement Shield will provide the training to acquire the skills needed for the job, including:



  • Introduction to the roles and responsibilities of the close protection operative.
  • Threat and risk assessment.
  • Surveillance awareness.
  • Operational planning.
  • Law and legislation.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Close protection teamwork.
  • Reconnaissance.
  • Close protection foot techniques.
  • Route selection.
  • Use of close protection vehicle techniques.
  • Search awareness.
  • Incidents and dilemmas.
  • Venue-based security.
  • Communication and conflict management skills.


  • Pass a close protection training course with Clement Shield.
  • Men and Women over 25 years old
  • English spoken
  • Pass a criminal records check.
  • Must have a valid driving license.
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office or similar.
  • Provide proof of age and identity.
  • Have the right to work and remain in Cambodia.

OTHER QUALIFICATIONS (candidates who additionally possess these attributes will be selected above others):


Military/Law enforcement background.

Chinese language .

Physically fit.

Tactful and diplomatic.

Preferably 180 cm or taller w/ athletic build.


Salaries vary depending on experience, contract lengths and the risk involved, but start at $10 per hour.

Status: Approved
Deadline: 2018-11-30 23:24:27
Premium job: No
Employer: Clement Shield
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