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The penthouse Residence Co,.Ltd

The Penthouse Residence on Sothearos Boulevard were conceived to meet the desire for a luxurious condominium living space within the cosmopolitan city of Phnom Penh. With its bold and innovative architectural Western contemporary design, nothing has been spared in creating Cambodia’s first luxury condominium development. 36 floors of luxurious residence complemented by every amenity will result in nothing less than lavishing, from the spectacular panoramas of the city skyline to the attentive services of nothing but the best from our management team.

Job details

Job title: SUPERVISOR / CHEF DE RANG Featured Job
Job code:
Salary Type:
Sector: Private Sector
Industry: Restaurant / Food Services
Minimum salary: 0
Maximum salary: 0
Job Level:
Job type:
Country: Cambodia
Location: Phnom Penh
Job Category/ Job Function: Supervisory and Management

I.          Job summary:

Manage  crewmembers  efficiently  and assign  crewmembers  to run the shift effectively.  Offer  the best service  to our guests’ needs and follow company missions and vision.

Follow all company policies and procedures; report accidents, injuries, and unsafe work conditions to manager, ensure uniform and personal appearance are clean and professional; maintain confidentiality of proprietary information; protect company  assets.

Welcome  and  acknowledge  guests  according  to company  standards;  anticipate  and  address  guests’ service needs; assist individuals with disabilities; thank guests with genuine appreciation.  Speak with other using clear and  professional  language;

answer  telephone  using  appropriate  telephone  etiquette.  Develop  and  maintain  positive working relationships with others.

II.        Job specific tasks:

1. Assign crewmember to run the shift effectively and efficiently.

2. Perform store / restaurant check according to company standard procedure of operation.

3. Supervising, arranging and assigning associate within workstation efficiency and effectively in order to achieve the best service quality to customer.

  • Supervising work place frequently to ensure operation standards are in placed
  • Assigning associate within in-charged  place in order to ensure service quality is delivered efficiency and effectively
  • During rush hour, coordinate with other store supervisor/team leader whenever needed support in order to ensure service quality is delivered efficiency and effectively.
  • Supporting other store / restaurant when needed


4. Briefing  out flight schedules,  promotions  and other related information,  which is going to be effected to service quality and service speech in order to have good preparation during opening hour.

5. Carefully check on quantity and quality of goods when receiving

  • Control goods quantity on request form with actual goods delivery upon receiving. Report immediately to assistant store manager / store manager once discover variances.
  • Check on goods expiry date upon receiving
  • Check on goods quality adhere to food safety standard upon receiving


6. Handling guests complains adhere to company standards

7. Providing,  answering  guests’  feedback  and concerns  with  courtesy  and hospitality  manner.  Report  and seek  for advice from higher levels when unable answering guests’ concern.

8. Perform associate’s tasks when needed.

9. Providing guidelines, knowledge both in theory and practical to new comers adhere to company standards operation procedures. Constantly provide feedbacks, seeking for change of improvements and corrections of new employees’ behavior and skills.

10. Attend to all meetings, training programs of company and store / restaurant.

11. Handling shift hand-over effectively and efficiency, clarify when unclear. Perform other tasks when being assigned.

12. Recommending  disciplinary  actions  to  assistant  store  manager  / store  manager  when  associates  / team  leaders violating company policies.

  • Strictly follow disciplinary action procedure, favorism and unfair treatments is strictly prohibited.
  • Mistake analysing and explaination on mistake must be applied in order to help associate to relize their mistakes for avoiding and not to repeating the same mistakes.
  • Warning  letters must be given to store / restaurant  manager  for approval  before handed to Humane
  • Resource department for filing.


13.  Recomending transferring, promoting to all associates who are working under reporting line, to assistant store / restaurant manager. Recommendation  must base on facts, figures and associate performance. Recommendation should submit to manager

before the evaluation period.


III.  Key competencies:

1. Team Spirit

  • Transfer to the right knowledge and information to the team to build up the creativities.
  • Create an effective environment for people to learn and work.
  • Encourage our ambassadors to perform well in term of reaching revenue target for each period.
  • Create a strong competition among peoples to be employee of the month or reach their own target to growth within organization.
  • Suggesting:
  • Ambassadors to aware of the right things to correct their faults.
  • Ambassadors  to sit down and discuss if there is conflict  among the team/ problem  solving skills must be applied.
  • Appreciated/  recognition  our ambassadors  when they play a good role, beyond expectation for their position and recommend them to higher management/operation  team if can.

2.  Training Effectiveness:

Guiding new team members and team members to

  • Acknowledge current products, new products and all products in store. b. 5 minute conduct in every shift in a must
  • Aware of cleanliness for workplace in general and in every each service area ( bar, bar back, shelves, dining area, store area)
  • Training staffs on equipment use.
  • Training staffs on job (how to upsell to guests, recognize guests’ need...)
  • Training on new products and ingredients of products.


3. Inventory

  • Products inventory must be correct between actual in-hand, sell and record.
  • Numbers of opening, purchase-in, sale and closing must be clear.
  • Explanation and own responsible is a must if there is any stocks variance within shift.
  • Support manager build up par level for each product


4. Schedule Management

  • Discuss with manager weekly about roster functional
  • Giving right job assignment to the right person into position.
  • Rotate people into all positions in store with purpose of strengthen ambassadors. d. Punctuality is a must and fit into requested schedule.
  • Make sure all products on shelves on time before peak hours


5. Wastage Control

  • Control wastage follows company’s percentage (per week, per month).
  • Products waste must be on time and guarantee products shelf lives.
  • Measure/forecast/ order products placement must be appropriated.
  • FIFO (first in first out procedure) must apply.
  • Wastage must be signed and approved by management or others team.
  • Reason of wastage must clarify when need


6. Improving  Service  - Improving  service  by  communicating  and  assisting  individuals  to  understand  guest  needs, providing guidance, feedback, and individual coaching when needed.

7. Modeling Appropriate Behaviors - Serving as a role model to demonstrate appropriate behaviors.

8.  Demonstrating  Leadership  - Utilizing  interpersonal  and  communication  skills  to lead,  influence,  and  encourage others; demonstrates honesty/integrity; leads by example.


How to apply

My Cpmpany name: The penthouse Residence Co,.Ltd

Address: #83B, Sothearose Blvd, Tonle Bassac, Khan Chomkamon, phnom penh, Cambodia

Contact person: Sem Vannak

Phone Number: 0964939255 / 092995252


Status: Approved
Deadline: 2018-12-26 17:00:00
Premium job: Yes
Employer: The penthouse Residence Co,.Ltd
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