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About Changing Jobs

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"Some food for thought when changing jobs"

"Congratulations. We would like to offer you a position at our company."

changing jobThese are the golden words that every person looking for a new job wants to hear. However, rather than a time for celebration, this is when the serious thinking really needs to start. Many job-seekers get this far only to stumble at the final hurdle, making poor decisions that can harm their professional reputation and long-term career prospects.

Over the years we have learned some valuable lessons about the "do's " and "don'ts" when considering a job offer and the questions that professionals should consider when making their decisions. Here are five golden rules that every young professional should keep in mind.

1. Think about more than just the salary.

Naturally, the salary offered by a new employer is an important factor to consider. However, many young professionals make the mistake of accepting a new job because it offers a higher salary, without comparing other aspects of the two jobs. For example, which job provides the best long-term career opportunities? Which job is more interesting? Which job has the best workplace culture and management team? Which job will be more secure? Which job offers the best medical cover or education allowances? And don't forget to ask the simplest of questions: Which job will make me most happy?

2. Don't burn your bridges; try to leave on good terms.

Never think that "it doesn't matter what my old boss thinks of me". This couldn't be further from the truth. That old boss might one day be an important client. Or one day, you might want to return to your old company at a more senior position. You never know what might happen - in a few years time, for example, your old boss might even accept a job with your new company and become your boss once again!

3. Don't take company information - ask!

It is important to remember that your old company's client lists, databases and reports belong to the company; not to you. Avoid the temptation to take this information with you. Don't think your new employer will be impressed if you give them this sensitive information - it is more likely to worry them, since one day you will change jobs again and possibly steal their own information. If your new employer actually asks you for this information, this should be a warning sign that they do not behave ethically.

4. Give as much notice as possible.

Try to give your existing employer adequate notice about your resignation. Don't tell them you want to leave immediately because you have promised to start your new job next week! Give your existing employer time to find a replacement or re-assign your projects and responsibilities to other staff.

5. Communicate your departure in a professional manner.

It is important to communicate your departure appropriately - both to other staff and to external clients. Avoid the temptation to justify your departure to others by criticizing your existing employer. Ask your boss how and when they want your departure to be announced.

By following these five simple rules, you will enhance your reputation as an ethical and professional employee. And don't forget, your professional reputation is like your shadow - it follows you everywhere.

Sandra D'Amico is the Managing Director of HRINC, Cambodia's leading HR services firm.The HRINC Recruitment team helps professionals make the right career choices! A job isn't just a job, it consumes more than a third of your day - make sure you enjoy what you do and that you are challenged! Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

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0 #1 Kao Samchankhemra Rasmey 2013-08-13 09:22
Good points to be considered :-)
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